FAQ of Web Design

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How much does it cost to design and develop a website?

Our pricing is always based on your objectives and your unique requirements, so it is virtually impossible to simply say how much it costs to build a website. Although a corporate website has similar layout, function or feature and content with another similar website, but your unique requirement may need customization, you may have much more images to edit, additional special features etc, the labour time and cost could may influence the total cost. You tell us what you need, and with no obligation, we'll get back to you with a price.

Do you have packages for us to select to design and develop a website?

Our packages are available for your reference, but comparing our packages with another web design company could not identify your unique requirements. In addition, you may need to adjust your requirements in order to fit into the scope of our packages. Nevertheless, our package and design must be able to help you to achieve your objectives.

Why should we choose Aspire Idea?

This is a very common question. Our experience and strength, simply put, are that we really do know what the best of your upcoming website (which is designed by us) could achieve for you. Professional web design is not easy any more. Yes, anyone can use Photoshop, learn some basic HTML, modify a so-called template, and say they're a web designer. Even a large established 'design' agency can employ a good 'sales team' to convince you they know what they're doing. The truth though, is there really aren't that many people who properly understand the complexities of producing a performing website, not even a graphic designer. A graphic designer could design good visual but the lacking parts are the most important, i.e. SEO functionality and mobile-friendly feature.

How long will Aspire Idea need to design and develop a website?

Hopefully the objective of having a performing website as answered above give you some idea about time to complete a website. Again, it depends on your individual requirements to determine how long to develop your website. Many a times, incomplete data and contents from customer delays the completion time, therefore, please be realistic with your time frame.

I already have a website, but I want a new design. Can you help?

Yes we are more than happy to take up your web design project. Please contact Aspire Idea at (+60)7-289-2056 for a free no obligation chat. If you prefer, you can send us an enquiry.

Do you do web hosting?

Yes we do have web hosting packages for customer to host the website and webmail accounts. Our hosting servers are located in renowned data centre in Malaysia that has proven the security, reliability, ease of support and latency speed. Talk to us for our specific requirements and we shall recommend the most suitable web hosting package for you.

Do you use Open Source software & technologies?

Yes positively. It's often our first selection when practical, possible and available for software and technologies with Open Source licencing, over any other, not necessarily for free to use. Because of the collaborative development model makes for more usable, better functionality, more responsive and robust web development, the objectives of the website could be achieved.

Do you have CMS (content management system)?

Yes absolutely. CMS is always our first option for any website proposals. A website with content management differs from a traditional static website in that you can change it’s content through your web browser. No special software to buy or install in your laptop or desktop. This allows users who are familiar with general functions like Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint to change pages, text, images, news, products descriptions and prices, the list is endless.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms differ from project to project. For most projects we require a 50% deposit upfront before any work is carried out and then the final 50% is to be paid within 14 days once the website is set live. As per domain name and web hosting, it's always prepayment. We accept payment by cheque and direct/inter- bank transfer.

Where is your office?

Our office is mobile office because of business nature, however, we do have an office in Johor Bahru for discussion with customer and our team during normal working hours. At times, we could also arrange meeting at customer's office by appointment during working hours.

I am confused. How shall we start?

No panic! Please keep yourselves prepared with our suggestions below:

  • You need to allocate some time to look online and note down any existing websites that you like and the particular styles/layouts you like.
  • We suggest you to focus on the key products or services to register the most suitable and converting domain name for the website to develop.
  • You should come up a draft consists of site structure detailing all the pages on your upcoming website and what type of content will be displayed on each page (e.g. text, text/photos, photo gallery, enquiry form).
  • You are required to collect any images that you’d like to use and keep them in one place on your computer (the higher the quality the better). Pay extra caution about copyright of the images.
  • Make sure you have your existing branding/logos in softcopy (an electronic format).
  • Be realistic with your time-frames, often projects will end up over-running as customers don’t realistically allocate enough time to collect feedback and additional data (text, images etc) required to complete the website design.
  • Contact several companies to ensure you get the best value for money quote. Remember that value doesn’t mean "cheapest", and lowest price does not equal to "quality".