Bulk SMS

Benefits of Bulk SMS

Leveraging on mobile marketing now and promote your products and services throughout Malaysia by subscribing our Bulk SMS Malaysia.

With bulk SMS system, you can enjoy the benefits below:

  • Generate More Sales:
    By updating your customers about latest promotion, new product launches etc.
  • Do Less and Save Time:
    By informing effectively your members about meeting, announcement etc.
  • Reduce Administrative Work:
    By sending alerts and notification about late payment, renewal etc.
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FAQ of Bulk SMS

Find the frequently asked questions about bulk SMS or online SMS here.

1. Are there any other costs involved to send SMS?

There are no monthly fees or any other additional fees, except first one-time setup fee. Bulk SMS is a prepaid service. The credits that you buy are valid for 12 calendar months.

2. How do I buy SMS credits?

We accept prepay by direct deposit or online transfer to our bank account.

3. Is there is any expiry date for the unused SMS Credits?

All SMS Credits will expire in 1 year. You may top up any SMS Credits package before the expiry date to extend the remaining SMS Credit expiry date for another year.

4. Will the system allow 1000 or more simultaneous sending?

Yes, our system is able to manage different routes to send out thounsand of SMS in bulk per day at a time.

5. How long does it take to deliver SMS?

Typically SMS are delivered within 15 seconds or even faster, usually. However, it could take slightly longer delivery time due to seasonal peak e.g. Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas etc.

6. Do you support non-English text?

Positively, you can send non-English Characters. On the ‘Compose Message’ page select ‘Send as Unicode’. The character length for your message will be much shorter though, about 70 or less characters in Chinese, Japanese etc.

7. How do I Log in?

ENTER ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. These are both case sensitive. CLICK ‘Login’ to access your home page.

8. What are the countries supported by your Bulk SMS system?

Currently we support Malaysia and Singapore. Upon request, we could open access to Brunei, India, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries, subject to different rates. Each SMS sent to the countries mentioned above will deduct one SMS credit.

9. Is Failure message being charged?

Our system will prompt you on any errors on the recipient’s mobile number prior to send, hence you can correct any errors. Once sent, SMS credit will be deducted regardless of success or failed message.

10. Is there any resend function if the mobile phone is not turned on or there is no coverage at that moment?

Yes. Our server of bulk SMS service will resend the SMS within 24 hours.

11. Is there any trial account for client to test out the bulk sms services?

Yes, we offer trial SMS account to clients who wish to test the system before making any purchase. You may request for a trial account. Each trial SMS account is a given a few credits for testing purpose. Additional credits requested can be purchased at our retail package price.

12. Do you provide any database for clients?

No. We do not provide/sell any database or contacts numbers. Clients need to prepare their own database, however, we can assist to format your database prior to import it to our web system (subject to minimal service charge).

13. Is there any reseller program for the bulk SMS service?

Yes, you can join us as reseller in our bulk SMS programme. To join as reseller, please contact us.

14. Can I have my own branding using your Bulk SMS service?

You may brand your own bulk SMS service after you join our bulk SMS reseller programme. You need a domain name or an IP where we will assist you to change the login URL to your own domain name/IP. You can also login to switch the web system logo to your corporate logo.