Boost website with contents

To have a successful and performing website, we should set the objectives right and achievable. As a website is undeniably the forefront online presence to prospective customers, we need to follow the steps below to boost the website so as search engines could bring enquiries and leads to the website:

Firstly, the contents and writeup within the website should think of your potential customers (or audience) first. The wordings and keywords are the things being searched by audience, and, audience also has own objectives to achieve. You need to focus in the identification of your market, industry and interest of your audience and fulfill their requirements.

Secondly, create the impact and desire to audience with headings and headlines to capture attention. The headings and headlines should be very easy to understand in every page of the website. Sometimes, create some curiosity by asking questions, or come up a short survey to help the audience to understand their needs and to make decision.

Thirdly, tie up with your social media channels e.g. Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc so that your audience could follow you. Most of the time, we update our social medias more frequent compared with website. But this does not mean that website is less important. In actual fact, it has become our habit without us knowing that we search more with Google than Facebook. In addition, website tends to be more organized and easier to find at most of the time, rather than dynamic timeline in social media.

The forth is the most interesting part of all, we should enhance the contents with multimedia in our website. Most people like videos more than reading articles. However, contents with words and videos should be balanced but not overdo. Search engines always understand wordings but not contents inside any videos. Therefore, focus in writeup so that search engines understand our business as in a website, at the same time, posting videos to keep audience in our website for a longer time understand our business further.

The fifth, call to action is the final objective of our website, that is for our potential customer to take up our service or to purchase our products. We should always come up some promotions that are attractive to capture the sales. It's a conversion process from an audience or prospective customer to become a buyer and customer.

The sixth, the website design must be mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly. Having known that mobile devices browsing had overtaken desktop in 2017, we must pay attention to this factor when we select a web design company to design our website. Although SEO-friendly is equally important, we need to test a website under development in different devices of different sizes with few keywords before we launch. This is an ongoing job even after website launch because search engines are updating at all times.

In Johor Bahru, we design websites with all the six critria above, with extra attention to create a website with contents to be popular within our multi cultural community. In addition, we are very close to Singapore, some websites are targeting both Malaysia and Singapore markets, we need to be very customer-centric to be successful.

Talk to web design company Johor Bahru today to excel your business online with Aspire Idea. We are reachable by phone +607-2892056 or Whatsapp +6019-7205089 during office hours 9am-6pm during Monday to Friday. Would you like to tell us more about your website design requirements? How about Messenger to us?

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